Will you be my Valentine, Chipotle?

My obsession with Chipotle is not normal.

Let me break it down for you:

  • I currently live in the lovely state of Vermont. However fabulous, this state does NOT contain a Chipotle.
  • Due to this void in my heart, I have taken it upon myself to create a long-distance relationship of sorts to keep that spark alive.
  • My efforts include, but are not limited to: driving long distances and across state lines to fulfill my burrito cravingsNEEDS (this once resulted in FREE food after sharing our journey with the management — BALLIN’), while visiting my roots (Boston) buying Chipotle and storing it in a hot/cold bag for safe keeping during the drive back to good old VT, restraining myself from trying all those copycat recipes so that I can preserve my cravings until my lips hit the REAL thing and countless tweets/check-ins/twitpics/begging/crying with @chipotletweets, including:

So we’re valentines. So what? Don’t be jealous.

I told you my obsession isn’t normal.

You’re welcome.

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