Hannah has mi harto. But really.

When I first stumbled upon Hannah Hart months ago, I think my first words were “it’s like she knows my soul.” It’s not an exaggeration.

Why is My Drunk Kitchen so popular? (You mean, other than Hannah being the shit?)

Simple. It’s popular because Hannah’s obliterated antics rekindle college memories within all of us .. regardless if we’re still in them or not.

Like, “oh .. my college years are over? I’m supposed to become an adult? But I still get wastefaced and make breakfast sandwiches at 3am containing a fried egg covered entirely in parsley. Oops?
or ..
Oh, I have work in the morning? Too bad I’m passed out on my kitchen floor with my face in a bowl of soupy mac and cheese ..
or ..
Who needs a career path when I can somehow make a gourmet pizza from scratch — yes, pizza dough included — after drinking my weight in whiskey?

Yes. For those of us that suffer from these impossible to kick habits, at least there’s Hannah.
I don’t want to grow up .. but if and when I do, at least I can look to Hannah for guidance in “adultolescence.”

But not only do I love the @harto because of our drunken cooking kinship, I basically think she kicks serious ass.


Because she became an Internet sensation by stealing a bottle of her sister’s wine and making cheese-less grilled cheese:

And for that reason simply, she just completes my life.

ALSO, she has the best catchphrases ..
which she puts on tshirts ..
for people such as myself to purchase.

Hannah is Jesus. Jesus is Hannah.

Watch her videos. Follow her twitter. Buy her shirts.


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